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  • 2011
    • August
      • EFI now installed!
        It's been a long while between posts!

        We've added Fuel Injection to the Falcon. Still working on a "race" tune up, but right now it has a fairly safe air/fuel ratio with a bit of retarded timing. So it should buy us some time to sneak up on the tune up.

  • 2009
    • April
      • Update
        OK, we rebuilt, ran 15 passes and grenaded again at the Nostalgia races at Speedworld. Good news is we did a new best ET of 10.89 at 122mph at 15 lbs of boost. The timing chain let loose on the last past. Going an 11.27 (breaking at the 1000ft)against a big block Hemi!!! So, with Manley Rods, Clas

  • 2008
    • December
      • Now it's time for a new motor!
        Well we grenaded Kelly's motor last Oct. while warming up the engine to make a pass for the SpeedChannel show "PassTime".
        So another block and crank is at Machine Works being readied for us to assemble. This time we're trying some new stuff to make the cyl. walls a bit more

    • March
      • New front suspension!
        Well we did a little work on the front end.
        Added a Total Control Rack & Pinion and a Ron Morris coil over setup.
        This will enable us to lower the car a little more and have much better steering geometry when the front suspension is extended.

        Getting ready for the Standar

  • 2007
    • November
      • Pinks All Out Prep
        Ok, now we're getting ready for Pinks All Out in Tucson on November 17th. Wiring seems to be working fine. Now we're upgrading the alternator, tuning the carb, hooking up the tailights, adjusting the fuel pick up tube. We're hoping for mid10s but will be happy with low 11s and keeping

    • October
      • Getting closer!
        Well Kelly and I are still working her Falcon. The new 1/2" fuel lines are complete. Fuel pump arrives today, will install tonight.
        Wiring is going slow. Removal of the old harness without doing the destruction method is time consuming. But we'll get there!